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New Technology


Apollon’s leading technology allows you
to control your smartphone with just the blink
of an eye. Thanks to this innovative device
which is Apollon Glasses people with
disabilities will be easily able to communicate
with people all around the world. This
invention allows users to scroll through posts
on social media, text or call anyone. You can
use the smartphone with almost all its


NOTE : This device is capable of distinguishing between natural and conscious eye blinks. The user can easilyeye blink naturally while using the device.
1-On the first conscious eye blinking command, the cursor appears the bottom left of the screeen and it starts to move upwards.
2-On the second conscious eye blinking the cursor starts to move to the right.
3-There are two different features on the third command. The first features enables the click action. The seconds feature is scroll down the screen page. Which of theese two features will be activated is determined by duration of the third conscious eye blinking. If the conscious
eye blinking time is short, the first feature, the click, is activated. If the conscious eye blinking duration is long, the scrolling down feature is activated.
4- After the third conscious eye blinking, the cursor diappears untill the next touch.
5- On the next conscious eye blinking command, the cursor appears from the lower left and moves and you can use your device by following the steps above.