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New Technology


Apollon Touch Mouse; primarily made for
people who can not use their phone and
computer as a result of muscle diseases.
Apollon Touch Mouse enable the use of
Android devices with a single finger touch.
The only action the user has to do is touch
the sensor in the order explained below,
without pressing it with any force.


1-On the first touch command, the cursor appears the bottom left of the screeen and it starts to move upwards.
2-On the second tap the cursor atarts to move to the right.
3-There are two different features on the third command. The first features enables the click action. The seconds feature is scroll down the screen page. Which of these two features will be activated is determined by duration of the third touch. If the touch time is short, the first feature, the click, is activated. If the touch duration is long, the scrolling down feature is activated.
4- After the third touch, the cursor disappears untill the next touch.
5- On the next touch command, the cursor appears from the lower left and moves and you can use your device by following the steps above