Toprak Mekatronik

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Our story

‘’We are made of star stuff’’

– Carl Sagan


Mechatronics consists of physically mechanical and electronic, and abstractly control and software areas. Mechanics and electronics are generally obtained from the soil. Human and life are likewise in a cycle that is dependent on soil and indirectly turns into soil. We started this journey with the desire to make real our ideas and dreams together with the mechanical and electronic components obtained from the soil. Perhaps the only thing man can produce in nature is love. Mechatronics is mechanics + electronics + software + control + love for us.

Our Mission

Although technology develops exponentially in a very short time, it generally progresses in an economy-based disorder. It’s possible for a human to fly, and even as close as a ticket. Be able to walk or talk is simple, automatic, and free for some of us. However, there is a deficiency in today’s technology, where it is so cheap and possible to fly or to reach the entire digital world with a click. Not everyone can able to speak or move yet. Technology is primitive while advances rapidly but aimlessly, for reaching people and situations. Here, at this time, in line with these technical developments, we are an initiative that will give priority to this point. One day, everyone will be able to fly with the vehicles they will use individually, and travel between the planets in the universe. Technology as computer, phone or devices, which may one day enable someone to fly, can still be used with physical activity today. In the circumstances, the obstacle is not in the individuals who cannot do physical activity, but in the technology itself. Here we aim to remove these barriers of technology. We are dreaming and working on develop technology to a state that enables individuals who can’t move at all to get up and walk, and even run faster than the fastest runner in history. We believe this and much more is possible.

We will try to develop technologies that will enable individuals who cannot speak at all

to talk,

control their surroundings,

to stand up,

to walk,

to run.

We are now happy to have completed the first step with Apollon Glasses and we will work non-stop.

As Toprak Mekatronik, we are always ready to support every individual and every institution working in good faith in this matter with all our knowledge, experience and presence.